Boot camp tactics explained

This is a tactic I use to confuse and confound the enemy prior to snatching a scroll right from under the enemy’s nose. It is the type of thing you will learn and practice during our Savagehearts boot camp. So I want to encourage you right now that if you haven’t done at least one boot camp with us you should put aside an hour, once a month and run with us in Cyrodiil.

The aim.

The idea is to run with a small group of twelve players but make the enemy think you have a much larger raiding party. The reason we do this is to distract the enemy from their attacks on our Castles and Keeps and have them rushing to defend their own assets.

Raid In Cyrodiil

The purpose.

The ultimate aim is to take the enemies scroll and if you can make the enemy go on the defensive with only twelve players then the real raiding party can gather its people together for a big push on the scrolls.

The Mechanics.

To do this raid you will need your leader to communicate with the whole team, as timing is very important to its success. The team of twelve divides into three smaller raiding parties. Each Party travels in the stealth mode to the three castles closest to the gates that let you into get the scrolls. The leader will designate particular players and their targets ahead of the commencement of the raid, so you will know who your team mates are, where to go and how to get there. They position themselves ready to attack the target. Three in each raiding party set up six ballista’s between them. One player stays hidden in stealth in the undergrowth and looks out for stray enemy players. On the signal from the leader each small party starts sieging the walls of their particular target, all at the same time. A few minutes later the target Castle will have a yellow glow around it. This is called flagging and it tells the enemy that their castle is under attack. If this was a full blown attack the tactics would be different but this is just a spoof raid to look like an attack and draw the enemy’s attention away from their efforts to capture our territory.

Raid In Cyrodiil

Ready, Set, Go!

The enemy lines of communication will still be in place and so it won’t be long before they start arriving to see what is going on. You will see them coming out of their castle and looking for you. You must be ready to pack up and go, very quickly. Sometimes they will be on you and kill your player very quickly. So here is the trick. When killed, you don’t leave the scene by rushing off to revive at your closest castle but remain on the ground. This indicates to the enemy that there may be others around waiting to revive you. So they will keep looking around the area. This is a good thing because it keeps them busy. Sooner or later they will tire of the fruitless search and return to the castle. Your stealth player comes out of hiding and revives you.


Your raiding party can meet up with the rest of your team and go to the next target. This tactic is very affective in breaking the enemy’s concentration and gives your side breathing time to plan a full attack. This is just one of the tactics you will learn in boot camp. There are lots of variations, and we are learning new tactics every week and it is fun trying them out and giving those who want a go to practice being a leader. Normally we don’t advertise our tactics on the web page because the enemy could find out what is going on. This one however offers varying results as it could actually be a full raid or a spoof raid and the enemy must respond so we don’t mind if they find out. We have a whole lot of really good tactics in store. If you want to find out how you can participate load up Discord and come join us.

I’ll see you in Cyrodiil.

Raid In Cyrodiil
Raid In Cyrodiil