Our Philosophy

Savage Hearts Way of Life

The guild vision of Savage Hearts is expected to be followed by all of our members. These core ideas explain the behavior we would like to see from all Savage Hearts guild members, and are thought as of the core principles of the guild.


Be a Great Player

Be knowledgeable, capable, and above all be prepared.

Each Savage Hearts member must quickly adapt to various in-game circumstances. Our members must display proficient gameplay; mastering their preferred class role, and even possessing the adaptability to fill numerous rolls within a group when necessary.

Know your character.

It is the duty of every member to perfect their equipment sets and build. You should also be willing to adjust to new patch cycles and meta-builds.

Be reliable as one of our members.

Each of us need to keep a high level of attendance to scheduled guild events, arriving prepared with consumables and a range of equipment sets if necessary.

Be Socially Involved


We would like for all our members to actively participate in GameVox regardless of the event. We believe that Voice chat is vital both for communication and due to the fact that we believe that relationship is the foundation of an effective guild.

Have fun with all of your guildies.

We want our members to actively seek opportunities to group together whenever possible. Group up, and get involved with other guild members whenever events are taking place. This is an excellent way to build strong relationships and become a stronger team.

Be a Great Player

Be Socially Involved

Be Involved in the Community

Always Have a Positive Attitude

Be Involved in the Community

We hope Savage Hearts guild members will share in a sense of collective ownership of www.savagehearts.us and be proud of our success both in-game and on the web site as well. Every active member of Savage Hearts is expected to take part on the website. This includes core members and officers also.

Always Have a Positive Attitude

Show maturity.

In Savage Hearts we want to keep an atmosphere of mutual respect to all. Trolling, Trash talking, or ignorance towards each other will not be tolerated in-game, on public forums or on the website.

Be open to constructive criticism.

We are here to help each other and each member of Savage Hearts will be pushed to become a better gamer by their peers. We are not trying to hurt your feelings we are only trying to help your become a better gamer as this is beneficial to the guild as a whole.

Believe and respect the decisions of the guild leadership.

Our officers and leaders are veteran MMO players. We are well aware of the issues that come with leading a high-powered guild. We comprehend having to manage players, not just spots in the guild roster. We are always open to feedback from each of our members, however be aware that arguing or fighting during events is not going to be tolerated. There is a right time and right place and during the guild events is not that time.

Have fun.

We are a serious yet social guild, but remember that we are all playing Elder Scrolls Online because we enjoy MMOs and they are fun for us. If you are not having fun while playing, its obvious that you’re doing it wrong.

Do You Want To Be a Part of Savage Hearts?

Savage Hearts have been shaped on the ideas of reliability, respectfulness, teamwork and creative ability. Every member is picked based upon his or her dependability and nature of character. Our dedication is principal to the satisfaction and fulfillment of our each of our members.