Whack a Boss For the Newbie.

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There is so much to do when you first start this game it is hard to know where to begin.

There are two things that you probably will want to do. The first is to get your character (toon) levelled up to veteran as soon as possible. Now this is difficult to do if you are not able to gather together enough loot to convert into gold. Gold buys armour and weapons, the stronger your armour the less you are hurt.

There are articles on how to make gold quickly and many conflicting opinions on how best to train your toon. Whacking a boss is one way that you can achieve these two goals quickly.


Get Your Gold

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Here is how it works.

Your low level tune will get hurt a lot if you try to do it all on your own and this is one great advantage of being a member of this guild. Sure you can join groups to do random dungeons but you will discover there is a lot of time wasted getting a group together and waiting for other players to get their act together.


Communicate via Discord

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So the first thing you do is load up Discord.


This is the best and quickest way meet other players in the guild. You will also find a schedule of events on the Discord page that will help you find companions to fight with. Our more experienced veterans will be there and are willing to help you, but it will be up to you to introduce yourself. If you are not confident about talking you are most welcome to listen in to get a feel of how it all works.

Explore ESO

Explore as much as you can

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One of the first achievements you will need to work on is Exploration. You will find the details in your quest journal. This will show you what you have and what you need to find. The Whack a Boss campaign is a way you can work through the goals. It is your way to monitor your progress.



Once you have seen the accompanying slide show you will know how to join a group and use the experience of other players as your shield. You will be able to overcome and loot bosses that you normally would have difficulty doing on your own.

At the time of writing this event is not a regularly scheduled event. It is designed so that anyone can get a group together at random times or when they need to upgrade a toon. This may change so just keep an eye open for announcements. I personally have run events that have lasted the whole weekend and players have come and gone as it suits them. This is the beauty of such an event, you can do the whole thing or just the bit you need. It is a great way to meet new players as well as PUGS and just have a great time together. Well good luck with it and I’ll see you in the game.