Build Overview

Build Name



This is a general purpose damage dealer suitable for Cyrodiil and Trials.

Build Objectives

I wanted a toon that I could use to rise through the ranks in Cyrodill to finally become emperor.

Main Focus

PVP but he romps through PVE



Race – Primary


Race – Secondary

Still Redguard

Why Choose This Race?

I chose Breton because of his enhanced stamina and ability to get the most out of food that he eats.

Attribute Points
  • Magica 0
  • Health 0
  • Stamina 64

Attribute Points Redistribution Explained

I can get all the enhancement I need from armour, jewels, and weapon so I put all points on stamina.

Champion Points

The Warrior

Expert Defender 15
Hardy 50
Ironclad 65

The Mage

Thaumaturge 64
Master at arms 48

The Thief

Tenacity 100

Armor and Gear


  • Shoulders – Hunding’s Rage
  • Chest – Hunding’s Rage
  • Hands – Hunding’s Rage
  • Waist – Hunding’s Rage
  • Legs – Hunding’s Rage
  • Feet – Hunding’s Rage


  • Neck – Order of Diagna
  • Ring 1 – Order of Diagna
  • Ring 2 – Order of Diagna


  • One Hand – Hundin Dagers
  • Bow – Hunding
Abilities and Passives

Active Skills

  • Assassination

Passive Skills

  • All passives for the skill

Mundus Stones

The Thief

Active Skills and Rotation
Bar 1
  • Slot 1 – Ambush IV
  • Slot 2 – Steel Tornado IV
  • Slot 3 – Bloodthirst iv
  • Slot 4 – Catrops
  • Slot 5 – Esolving Vigor
  • Ultimate – War Horn
Bar 2
  • Slot 1 – Acid Spray iv
  • Slot 2 – Cleanse IV
  • Slot 3 – Seige Sheild
  • Slot 4 – Proximidty Det
  • Slot 5 – Retreating man
  • Ultimate – Barrier


Primary, It really depends on what job you are doing in Cyrodiil. For example when sneaking I will substitute Steel Tornado with Shadowy disguise , where-as Steel Tornado is good for close combat with many foes. Caltrops are used to soften up my target as I am running toward him and Vigor heals me and my group but is no substitute for a good healer. Like I said a general purpose DPS. War horn will buff your comrades before you enter any battle be it mellee or charging a resource or gate. By the time you are surviving with this build in Cyrodiil you would have worked out the most comfortable positioning of slots.

Acid Spray. General self defence usually during siege. Cleanse heal against oils. Shield Protect again oils. Detonation when taking the back flag. Rapids for quick travel , often used during a charge.


Damage Tips

You may try this and find that it is not as strong or that you are being defeated in battle. This build relies on healers and tanks to protect it. When they are doing their job the stamina of this build can be devastating to the enemy as he just does let up on his attack.One on One , you will need potions. I am running all gold armour now but as I rose up after my vet level was achieved I got purple as soon as I could. His job is to do damage, but he can’t do much if he can not survive. Staying under the healers protection is essential.

Survivability Tips

I was defeated many times as I got use to his unique abilities. Now with gold armour he is almost unkillerable. I still have to resist the desire to charge forward especially when other players do not use rapids and buffs. To survive you need to be stealthy and ambush is very handy for this. But you will need other players to back you up.

Any Other Tips

As mention before he is a general purpose guy. If you want to be a single hero this is not the build for you. If you want to be versatile and contribute to the group you will find this guy fantastic.

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