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One of the Oldest Guild in Tamriel.

Welcome to Savage Hearts ESO

We have overwhelming sense of optimism and enthusiasm for Elder Scrolls Online and video gaming in general. Our team believe that working as a cohesive unit, everybody within Savage Hearts attains more together. Our focus on strong management and the willingness to break from the mold and attempt brand-new things guarantees us that will certainly have the ability to adapt and thrive in circumstances where numerous other communities would fall apart.

Savage Hearts Elder Scrolls Online Guild
Savage Hearts Elder Scrolls Online Guild

Good Times, Friends & Gaming

We range from casual family gamers to dedicated hardcore PvPers. Our primary objective is to always have a good time and fulfill fascinating and brand-new individuals so we constantly invite fully grown gamers of all levels and gaming experience. Our website is beyond active with an excellent community. We like to keep high membership at high 480+ members.

Our members take pleasure in all elements of Elder Scrolls Online. Members work to assist and support each other by teaming up together for the events to do dailies, clear bosses and dungeons, end game trials and pledges as well as leveling crafting and working in game economy to get excellent prices to purchase and sell gear and make gear that assists members to advance efficiently at their levels.

All for ESO

We have a reputable trading and crafting area with max level crafters eager to aid members to level their crafting. With 480+ strong members we make every effort to successfully obtain a vendor each week.

Savage Hearts Elder Scrolls Online Guild
Savage Hearts Elder Scrolls Online Guild
About Us

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Blueberries Squashed

Bananas Split

Mudcrabs Slain

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Team for your ESO success!


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Savage Hearts have been shaped on the ideas of reliability, respectfulness, teamwork and creative ability. Every member is picked based upon his or her dependability and nature of character. Our dedication is principal to the satisfaction and fulfillment of our each of our members.