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Savage Hearts ESO
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 12 reviews
by mooseo on Savage Hearts ESO
Thank You

Thank you for all who do participate in this guild you are all the backbone of if. You all make this guild what it is fun for all.

Thank you Moose

by Meara_Ishaylia on Savage Hearts ESO
Great fun

I've been in the guild for about 3 almost 4 months now and I just want to say thanks. Everyone has been super helpful and accepting and great. I enjoy getting on and finding that there is almost always something to do with a fellow guildmate. Or even if we just want to sit there and chat about anything while on vox twiddling our thumbs in the game. Its been great and here's to many adventures ahead.

by Dreddnar on Savage Hearts ESO
Best guild I have ever been a part of

I just wanted to say that you guys have been the best group online that I have ever had the pleasure to hang out with, I wish to let you know that I have moved to a new country and it will take a while for me to get back into Tamriel with all of you. But until then, I still consider myself one of you and I hope you me too.

Have great adventures guys!

by Kempton Thomas on Savage Hearts ESO
My Comments on Savage Hearts

I joined about a month ago. Being Australian, the time zone means that I am playing while a lot of you guys are asleep but come Sunday morning it is all fun and games. I love this guild and the friendly guys and gals. Thanks for making me feel welcome and being patient with Game Vox. It was a real challenge to get it right but you guys really helped. So thanks.

by KemptonThomas on Savage Hearts ESO
All Aboard

I saw you guys online and wished that I could be a member of such a friendly group. It took a bit but finally I found you and just joined. I am keen to use Game vox to make contact.
I am not a prude but I think swearing online line is lame.
Anyone else feel the same? Anyway thanks for the invite and I look forward to gaming my brains out with you guys.

by Jayridgerunner on Savage Hearts ESO
Fun & Sociable

I am here in this guild to have fun and be sociable. I like running the events and everyone is very helpful. One day I'd like to be in a position to be as helpful as others have been for me. This is a great place to learn to be a better player. I am thankful to have found this guild and will try my best to do my best. All suggestion toward that goal appreciated. Thank you guys.

by ShiftyPenguin on Savage Hearts ESO
So far so good!

I've thoroughly enjoyed being a part of savage hearts! Everyone is very nice and helpful, the website is great and the events are awesome. If I had to do it again I would!

by NinjaMaxxz on Savage Hearts ESO

First off, this has to be the best guild i have ever been in. In all the MMO's i have played and all the guilds that i have been a part of, this one is the most helpful, friendly, and encouraging. This guild should be a model for others. For the four months i have been here i have seen the officers and members being helpful and kind to new beginners. If anyone is looking for a great guild experience in ESO, whether you are a beginner or a veteran player join Savage Hearts.

by cthayer540 on Savage Hearts ESO
Great Guild, Great People!

I've been here about a month now and I wanted to say thanks to the great people here in Savage Hearts. You folks are a patient, welcoming and fun group. I don't have a lot of experience with the multiplayer online games but you have been helpful in getting me going and being a helping hand when I have needed. Thanks for the camaraderie and the activities, the great website and fun tools. I hope to be able to join your Imperial City runs sometime in the near future. Cheers!

by Tezlacoil on Savage Hearts ESO
Why I Like Savage Hearts

Started playing ESO and Savage Hearts was the first guild I joined via hubby. I played WOW for over 11 years and ESO has a similar format without all the repeat quest lines and same old thing. I love playing a sorcerer with heals back up. Level 10 this awesome dude came out and helped me take down some of the worst meanies I had a chance to encounter at level 10. Not only did he stick around for re-spawn he threw gold at me so I could purchase a mount. I don't get to play that often but I love it when I do get to play. One day I might get my schedule set so that I might get to play more often. I am almost max on the research for cloth items in search of nim items. I am max in provisioning send me your stuffs and I can make some seriously yummy foods up to rank 10.

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