Getting Killed is Half the Fun

Well if gaming was real life then getting killed is no fun at all, but in the world of PvP when you die, you can rise again and that is awesome. I asked around Cyrodiil and discovered that just about everyone hated the fact that their character died so often.

Savage Hearts ESO

I remember riding in a group of twelve. We had been wreaking havoc on the enemy, capturing farms, mines and mills and feeling not only confident but pretty much invincible. Over a hill rode our band of merry warriors straight into the jaws of a massive Zerg Army that destroyed us in seconds. The cries of anger, frustration and embarrassment rose up on Gamevox as our hero’s decided where to resurrect.

Savage Hearts ESO

One guy got so mad that he quit playing, swearing and cursing as he went. I thought to myself that, that was probably a wise thing to do. After all it is a game and if it ceases to be fun and causes you to get so angry that you become abusive then it is time to take a break. Oh sure I was a little peeved off that my own mighty warrior had gone down so easily but I had learned three valuable lessons. Firstly that there is no shame in dying, it is an expected part of gameplay in Cyrodiil. Secondly, even in death you are still able to look around and warn the rest of your army on Gamevox about the movements of the enemy. Thirdly, that overconfidence can lead to carelessness and that we should have been more alert, especially after causing so much damage in the area, naturally the enemy would have been alerted to our presence.

So I revived my character at a local outpost and rushed out the front door straight into the teeth of an attacking force. Killed again in just a few seconds, well at first I thought that this was embarrassing but actually no one noticed or even cared. The humiliation was all in my own mind and dying was just as much a part of the process as buffing up, eating food or laying down caltrops. I was learning to put my death into perspective. It would happen many times during my adventures in Cyrodiil. Today I am a little wiser, a little less emotional about getting killed and a whole lot tougher.

Savage Hearts ESO

Oh sure I still die at times but apart from the inconvenience it is still good fun to PvP and I never let the fear of dying ruin a good time. So if you have been afraid that you would get killed in Cyrodiil then it is time to put that fear into perspective and come on over and join the fight

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