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Who We Are!

Having a good time is a leading priority for us here at Savage Hearts ESO, however in some cases we concentrate on important objectives in key moments. Knowing when to get serious at times means we can have fun more often and accomplish more as a guild.

Great Team

Everybody Can Be Great

The Right Way

Serious Company, in Moderation

Terrific Resources

Failure Is Acceptable

Our Team

Group of Awesome Officers

Our team believe that working as a cohesive unit, everybody within Savage Hearts ESO attains more together. Our focus on strong management and the willingness to break from the mold and attempt brand-new things guarantees us that will certainly have the ability to adapt and thrive in circumstances where numerous other communities would fall apart.

Our Events

The trick to have fun in game like Elder Scrolls Online is to team up with other individuals. Members work to assist and support each other by teaming up together for the events to do dailies, clear bosses and dungeons, end game trials, pledges and much more.

We Are Here To Help You!

As a member of Savage Hearts of Elder Scrolls Online Guild you will be part of a great community of people sharing tips, tricks and tutorials for Elder Scrolls Online Game.

Beginners & Crafting Guides

PvP Guides & Tips and Tricks

Character Builds

We are all dedicated to help our members be the best they can be. We are here and available to assist one another in any way possible and to build a strong, powerful and renowned guild that will have its name echoing in the ears of all of Tamriel.

Our Members Testimonials

I am here in this guild to have fun and be sociable. I like running the events and everyone is very helpful. One day I’d like to be in a position to be as helpful as others have been for me. This is a great place to learn to be a better player. I am thankful to have found this guild and will try my best to do my best. All suggestion toward that goal appreciated. Thank you guys.


First off, this has to be the best guild i have ever been in. In all the MMO’s i have played and all the guilds that i have been a part of, this one is the most helpful, friendly, and encouraging. This guild should be a model for others. For the four months i have been here i have seen the officers and members being helpful and kind to new beginners. If anyone is looking for a great guild experience in ESO, whether you are a beginner or a veteran player join Savage Hearts.


I’ve been here about a month now and I wanted to say thanks to the great people here in Savage Hearts. You folks are a patient, welcoming and fun group. I don’t have a lot of experience with the multiplayer online games but you have been helpful in getting me going and being a helping hand when I have needed. Thanks for the camaraderie and the activities, the great website and fun tools. I hope to be able to join your Imperial City runs sometime in the near future. Cheers!


How to Take a Screen Shot

Providing a step by step guide to taking Screen Shots from your PC and uploading them so that we all can share in the glory of the game.

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It Is All in The Name

In the year 1066 William the Conquer, took the throne of England and began the tradition of naming Knights after their acts of valor.

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Boots on the Ground Entry Four

Since the sun had reached the horizon and sent a ray of sunlight to stab me in the eyes, I decided to get an early start to what could be a long day.

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Boots on the Ground Entry Three

I hung around Hoknir’s camp while he gathered his things and watched as he hobbled off towards the village.

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Boots on the Ground Entry Two

I awoke in a bed alone, horny, and disappointed as it was often the case, I had awakened before the good part of the dream.

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Boots on the Ground Entry One

First I recalled a name and it felt right to apply it to myself, and it was and is Boots Dragonbard.

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How to Optimize Templar Build Elements

In this article we are going to be providing you with a couple of short cuts to your Templar Build.

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Magicka NB Common Build

The Magicka Night Blade is both a good DPS and source of group utility for dungeons and trials in PVE.

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Death from Afar Build

The main focus is to kill targets quickly before they can reach you – or to whittle away on bosses while they are busy in taunts.

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How to Obtain Item Sets in Tamriel of Elder Scroll Online

In the Elder Scrolls Online players can obtain specialized item sets that will grant certain bonuses.

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Savage Hearts have been shaped on the ideas of reliability, respectfulness, teamwork and creative ability. Every member is picked based upon his or her dependability and nature of character. Our dedication is principal to the satisfaction and fulfillment of our each of our members.
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