Quickly Leveling Your Character

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Level 0 – Character Setup

Configure your character’s alliance, race, class and appearance.

REMINDER: Savage Hearts only supports the Ebonheart Pact for PvP.  If you purchased ESO, the One Tamriel edition, you may need to buy the Digital Imperial Edition (for the Imperial Race) or the Adventurer Pack (granting you any Race with any Alliance).

If this isn’t your first character, there’s no need to replay the tutorial unless you’re looking for random materials in the bags, crates, etc. Any gear you could have picked up will quickly be outdated and skipping the tutorial will give you a limited collection of armor and weapons to start with. At low levels, your character is so overpowered, they make little difference.

Level 3 – Soulless in Tamriel

So, your soul is in prison and you didn’t even get a dumb tee-shirt for the trouble. However, you are set loose to wander Tamriel which provides opportunity for adventuring and becoming the prominent figure to many.

To gain your desired skills and abilities, you will need skill points. These are awarded for milestones within quest-lines, completing dungeon quests and for every three Skyshards you pick up. Also remember to allocate your attribute points into Health, Stamina and Magicka.

The following sections are areas you can explore to gain reputation, much needed skills and passive abilities that provide great benefits while you are leveling your character.

Champion Points

If your account has Champion Points already, assign them as best you feel they will be useful – you get to use all of them immediately. You’ll be amazed how much impact it has on your damage, healing and survivability. If you don’t know how to spend them, just guess – it’s only 3,000 Gold Piece to reassign them.


To gain the Armor skill lines, you must equip at least three pieces of a particular armor type.


You will want to equip the weapon(s) you plan to use for your character. There are six different weapon skill lines and each is unlocked by equipping the appropriate weapon(s) and killing any monster. Once you reach level 15, you can have two skill bars. The weapon skills you put on a bar require that weapon to be equipped with the bar. Ex: You must have a bow equipped to use snipe.

Give in to Kleptomania

You would like to make financing your purchases easier; but how? You will need to pickpocket, open lockboxes and chests to acquire loot that can be sold to a fence. Perhaps you just want to save some money on bounties if you accidentally steal something or kill someone you thought was a quest target. Or, perhaps you’re looking to sneak past enemies without using up all your stamina. The Legerdemain skill line will get you passive abilities to help with all of these.

In order to acquire this skill line, you must find any chest or lockbox to open. There is a lockbox at the stables in Davon’s Watch that is typically available; just wait for the stablemaster to walk away and turn her back.

Join the Mages

Talk to Rudrasa at the Mages Guild Hall to join their guild. Doing so will also open up a new quest line. The Mages guild offers one of the best magicka-damage Ultimate abilities and the ability to use the Persuade option (Persuasive Will skill) while questing.

Leveling this skill line requires you to complete the story quests, reading (violet-colored) lore books, completing sets of lore books and completing Public Dungeon (Madness) daily quests for the Mages Guild which are available in any alliance capital city.

It is also here that you can find Danel Telleno who will train and certify you in Provisioning, Alchemy and Enchanting.

Join the Fighters

Talk to Hilan at the Fighters Guild Hall to join their guild. Doing so will also open up a new quest line. The Fighters guild offers one of the stamina-damage boost abilities and the ability to use the Intimidate option (Intimidating Presence skill) while questing.

Leveling this skill line requires you to kill daedra and undead as as well as close Dark Anchors (Dolmens). You can get a daily quest for Dark Anchors at any alliance capital city Fighters Guild Hall.

It is also here that you can find Millenith who will train and certify you in Clothing, Blacksmithing and Woodworking.

Join the Undaunted

The Undaunted are a bunch of characters that want to be the best by proving themselves against various challenges – mostly by defeating bosses in dungeons. To join this crew and open up neat skills and passive abilities, go to the Fish Stink Tavern and talk to Kailstig the Axe and complete his little task.

Join the Thieves

The Thieves Guild skill line allows you to decrease bounty and get more profit for stolen goods. If this is desirable to you, seek out Quen in any Outlaw Refuge or initiate the quest (Partners in Crime) via your Collections in-game DLC area. Completing this quest will initiate you into the guild.

Join the Brotherhood

The Dark Brotherhood skill line gives you the Blade of Woe (allowing you to one-hit kill humanoid characters) and allows you to reduce your bounty due to murder, receive a free daily gift and reduce aggression from hostiles while mounted (one of the most useful passives when running around Tamriel). If this is desirable to you, seek out Amelie Crowe in any Outlaw Refuge or initiate the quest (Voices in the Dark) via your Collections in-game DLC area. Conclude this quest by talking with the Speaker and you will be initiated into the guild.

Level 6 – Time for Upgrades

Now you’ve been playing for about two hours and it’s time to start thinking about how to make your character gain experience quicker. Accept the blessing of a Mundas Stone based your character’s primary goal. They are found in every zone – check online for where they are and what they do for you. This is also a good time to expand your inventory so you don’t have to stop playing too often to sell your items. The following sections will offer some advice in these areas of gameplay.

Mount Up

An upgraded mount makes for easier game play. Every day you can increase one particular mount ability by feeding it at any Stables that are not quest-locked (e.g. Hollow City). Spending 250 Gold Piece per day will increase your mount speed, mount stamina or carrying capacity by one point. The faster your mount travels, the quicker you to get destinations. This will magnified significantly at level 10 with the Rapid Maneuver skill.

Though it may seem counter-intuitive, the proficiency of your mount does not reside with the mount itself, but with your character. Increasing these abilities will not affect the mount itself (if you planned to use it on another character), rather only your character’s abilities with any mount.

Make Some Room

The more inventory slots you have on you, the less often you need to sell excess items.
(This may not be an issue if you own the Merchant personal assistant and/or have ESO+.)

Upgrading your personal bag space can happen via two different means. Both of these increase the same capacity so it’s a matter of spending in-game gold or or real world money via Crowns. You can balance the upgrades using both… start with the in-game gold, and finish with Crowns.

Get Skills

The skills you equip to bar are what get leveled. The use of skills is irrelevant to leveling a particular skill line. The skills that are on your bar at the time of gaining experience points apply toward to those skill’s lines. Thus, the more skills of a particular skill line you have on your bar, the faster that skill line will level and unlock its Ultimate ability.

The one exception to this rule is the alliance war skill line. It will only progress/level as you gain Alliance Points in PvP. Once a skill is attained, it will level on your bar like any other – some faster than others.

Learning to craft does not mean you must actually craft.

Crafting skill line passives are handy, perhaps even necessary. Without being able to craft high-end gear, half the nodes you pick up will be low level. With the exception of Provisioning and Alchemy, you only need to deconstruct (or extract) materials in order to level up a crafting skill. The Inspiration gained from deconstruction does not apply to your character’s overall level. Also, remember to pick up writ requests at the boards in towns, turning them in awards Inspiration and will help reaching skill level 50.


Provisioning requires you learn recipes and craft food and drinks to increase the skill. This will use many materials but you will be able to 1) sell unwanted items for gold and 2) craft items you can actually use. The benefits for being a master provisioner means the food and drinks you consume will last longer.

*** If you own the Orsinium DLC, begin that, allowing you to go Wrothgar, and find Orzaga and complete her missions to gain four very useful recipes that scale to your level.


Enchanting will level as you create glyphs or extract runestones from glyphs. It’s easy to obtain common glyphs in loot on other characters, simply bank these and let this character extract them. Even if you don’t get materials, you’ll level the skill. The higher the glyph level and quality, the more Experience (Inspiration) is given.


Alchemy requires combining various components together to produce useful potions or poisons. The easiest way to level Alchemy is by 1) learning traits of components and 2) making certain potions for the first time. If you unlock all the alchemy traits, you will already be near level 30.


Clothing, Woodworking and Blacksmithing work like Enchanting but only spare Intricate, Ornate and Epic items will be worth keeping and deconstructing for Inspiration… Intricate being the best. Save your leftover junk from playing and deconstruct when you can. To begin with, you can also deconstruct Superior (blue) items but at around skill level 20, the Inspiration gained is no longer worth it compared to the gold value of selling them.

Rapid Acquisition of Skill Points and Levels

Experience Boosters

There are many options available to increase the rate by which you gain Experience and Inspiration. The cooldown on these items stop when you are logged out. You can only use one of each distinct item as they do not stack (e.g. you can no longer use a 100% Scroll + 50% Psijic Ambrosia). Because these sources do not provide a very long duration of bonus, you must use them wisely when you’ll be getting a lot of XP (such as during quest turn-ins or before defeating the final boss of a random daily dungeon).

Crown Store
Crown Experience Scroll (x5 for 1000 Crown) gives you +50% for two hours.

Crown Gems (from Crown Crates)
Major Crown Crate Experience Scrolls (40 Crown Gem) gives you +100% for one hour.
Grand Crown Crate Experience Scrolls (100 Crown Gem) gives you +150% for one hour.

Craftable Drink (which will stack with other buffing food/drink)
The Psijic Ambrosia drink gives you +50% for thirty minutes.
The Aetherial Ambrosia drink gives you +100% for thirty minutes.
The *Mythic Aetherial Ambrosia drink gives you +150% for thirty minutes.
(*Not that you’ll ever see one in your lifetime.)

Training Trait
Every piece of armor and your weapon(s) should be with a trait of Training. This increasing the XP you gain from killing enemies.

Double XP ESO Events
Every so often, keep on the lookout for when ESO will be hosting a Double XP event. This is an opportunity to have +100% XP, in addition to other bonuses. The events are typically in January, April and October. (July’s bonus is for the Alliance War only.)

Subscribe to ESO Plus
One of the benefits of subscribing is you get a permanent +10% Experience/Inspiration bonus.

Experience Sources

You will want to take advantage of what things you can do in-game by yourself vs. with a group and how much those activities Experience they give.

Teleport to guild mates. (solo)

Simply porting around from place to place will unlock wayshrines and provide experience for unlocking a new location. Look at your mini-map and unlock close POIs and take nearby Skyshards after teleporting. It’s also a convenient time to head to that Zone’s capital city and accomplish the “This One’s On Me” Undaunted quest worth 30 points.

Gather overland Skyshards. (solo/partner)

You may be tempted to go into every delve and dungeon to get Skyshards as well but remember at low level, you have very few skills and they will take a lot of time. Come back when you have more skill points from levelling due to exploration.

Switch from zone to zone, gathering all the Skyshards you can – every three gives you another skill point. Going through the 5-7 zones of your alliance will probably give you about 20 skill points.

Participate in Guild events. (group)

Your guildmates are probably all max level and can carry you through PvE events rather easily. Join them for a daily random dungeon, questing and defeating World Bosses.

Clear delves and public dungeons. (solo/partner)

Each delve and public dungeon have a Skyshard and provide a lot of Experience for killing the bosses. Also as a reward for clearing the group events in public dungeons, you will receive a skill point. This adds up to 20 skill points just for finishing the alliance-zone public dungeons.

Before heading off to these delves and dungeons, check the Undaunted Enclave and Mages Guild in your capital city for quests to obtain items from these dungeons. You might as well get paid twice for doing the same work. These quests are daily but group up with others, and they could share more.

Alik’r Desert Dolmens (solo)

Travel to the Alik’r Desert and unlock the wayshrines closest to the three Dolmens. There is always a zerg of players completing the Dolmens there, one after another – so you need to use the wayshrines to keep up.

  • Try getting a Fighter’s Guild daily quest to see if Alik’r is your daily. You will get extra XP for turning it in after completing any three.
  • With a +50% XP buff, you can reach level ten within completing twelve Dolmens here – it will take less than an hour – the zerg does most of the work.
  • Along with the level increase, you will more than likely acquire a matching set of jewelry (necklace and two rings) where you can wear them for additional stat increases. You can always stay here for more Experience until you get jewelry you want.

Level 10 – Cyrodiil Beckons!

Head to Cyrodiil

Now you’ve been playing for about three hours. It’s time to start your Alliance War skill lines by entering Cyrodiil and talking to Olvyia Indaram near the Gate doorway. Once you are done talking to her, find Grand Warlord Zimmeron at his desk nearby and tell him to skip training if you have been through it. Skipping it or completing it will award you three skill points, 3000 Alliance Point and raise your Alliance War skill lines to half way through level 2.

One of the best features of completing this is being able to get the Rapid Maneuver (Assault) skill to increase your movement speed.

Next, head to the Imperial City (DLC) Sewers and talk to General Nesh-Tan to start the quest “City on the Brink”. Complete this quest by talking with the Drake of Blades in the merchant room… then perform all the district quests (Knowledge is Power, The Watcher in the Walls, The Lock and the Legion, Of Brands and Bones, The Imperial Standard, The Bleeding Temple) and finish The Sublime Brazier to allow for taking daily quests in the districts. When doing these district quests, you can only do one at a time.


Continue Leveling

Continue questing and dungeoneering to level up to 50. Remember to upgrade your Training gear every so often (levels 6, 26, 38, CP10, CP60, CP120) because as your advance in level, your balanced abilities become less potent and you need gear to make up the difference.

The Main Story/Cadwell’s Almanac quest-line grants you 41 skill points throughout the quests, which takes you to every zone. The Ebonheart Pact zones give three points each, so it’s easy to start there. The main story (concluding with you defeating Molag Bal) is the only way to rank your Soul Magic skill line so it’s worth doing.

Craglorn quests are also a great way to acquire Experience. If you have the skills and equipment for DPS, you can solo all the Lower and Upper Craglorn quests as part of “The Celestial Threat” story-line. However, regardless of role, you can solo much of the quests except for taking down a couple bosses with which you may want to ask for assistance.

Level 15 – Double Threat

Now you’ve been playing for about five hours. Set up a secondary bar and remember to switch to it when turning in quests so the experience gained applies to those skill lines and abilities.

Level 45 – Truly Undaunted

Now you’ve been playing for about twenty five hours. You can now accept and complete Undaunted Pledges – head to an Undaunted Enclave, sign the book and talk to the Undaunted Pledge givers. If you haven’t been to those group dungeons before, you’ll get skill points and great XP for completing them. Remember to keep your Undaunted Keys until you’re at the gear-cap level though or you’ll waste them on current-level items you won’t use but a few times.

Level 50 – A Champion is Born

Now you’ve been playing for about thirty hours. For your first-time characters or if you are still below the gear cap (CP 160), keep up questing in the main story (if not done), Cadwell’s Almanac and unlocking group dungeons to receive the much needed Experience reward. Do not concern yourself with your end-game gear sets as you will want to wait until CP 160 to acquire these and finally configure your character for the rest of your gaming.

Continue the daily routine of upgrading your mount, deconstructing intricate items and glyphs and working through daily quests to earn XP.

CP 160 – Gear Up!

If you are on your first character, reaching the gear cap (CP160) is a feat. After hours of gameplay, you’ve reached the point where your character’s gear is as strong as it can be.

Now it’s time to go get your gear at CP160! Farm zones, visit guild stores and the Golden vendor to purchase the desired sets for your character. Cash in your Undaunted Keys to get monster shoulders to complete sets.

Learn the skill rotations and resource management to best fit your role (DPS, Healer or Tank) and contribute with harder group content like Trials.

CP XXX – Breathe

Once you reach the character CP cap (e.g. CP 690), you have allocated all the champion points available. Take a deep breath, go get a cookie and take a nap … and then come back again because that CP cap keeps increasing and there is more Nirn to explore!!!