As an Adventurer hacking, slashing or spell casting your way through the Tamriel outback you will notice that a certain “culinary boredom” may surround the most conventional methods of procuring sustenance and living off whatever can be scavenged from crates and cupboards. To satisfy the demanding palate of the seasoned adventurer a more substantial diet rich in Health, Magicka and Stamina will be needed.

Be sure you are getting the three important food groups essential in developing your player to be the paradigm of strength and power he will eventually become, this can be achieved with the provisioning the two important products: Food and Drink.

Food and drink are essential to maintain a healthy supply of the three essential resources your adventurer relies on to perform their specific feats, Magicka, Stamina and Health. Food increases the the total resources pool available to your adventurer, while drink has the same effect on the regeneration of these resource pools.

There are also a variety of combinations of vital resources that a food or drink can provide, these are either a single resource (Health, Magicka or Stamina), a combination of two or the Rare and Highly prized Gourmet Variety a combination of all three. So, there are seven combinations in total.

Items that only contain one resource product are colored green, those that proffer two resources are in blue and the elite delicacies are in purple. Then there is a legend of a yellow product fabled to give the consumer experience he will  not forget, but this can only be made from a very rare object that is fished from the waters.

Tamriel Beverage Menu

It is no secret that drinking is the preferred choice of alimentation among the adventurers of Tamriel who can be heard muttering a phrase often quoted in the taverns and watering holes of Windhelm, Eastmarch… “I need a drink like I need a head in the hole.” When heading to battle a healthy drink will get you further.

Alcoholic Drinks (Health)

These popular beverages are laced with a healthy amount of ethanol, a compound with psychoactive properties this can beef you up for the next encounter.

Alcoholic Drinks Recipes List
Golden Lager1Wheat
Nut Brown Ale1Barley
Red Rye Beer1Rye
Bog-Iron Ale5Yeast
 Mazte 5 Rice
Surile Syrah Wine5Surilie Grapes
Clarified Syrah Wine10Surilie GrapesIsinglass
Four-Eye Grog10RiceSeaweed
Lemonflower Mazte10RiceLemon
Old Clear-Eye15BarleyIsinglass
Red Hipposcras 5Surilie GrapesGinger
Tawny Port15YeastMetheglin
Barley Nectar20BarleyHoney
Eltheric Hooch20RyeSeaweed
Goassamer Mazte20RiceIsinglass
Ginger Wheat Beer25GingerWheat
Honey Rye25RyeHoney
Mermaid Whiskey25BarleySeaweed
Mulled Wine30Surilie GrapesMetheglin
Sour Mash30BarleyLemon
Spiced Mazte30RiceGinger
Nereid Wine35Surilie GrapesSeaweed
Sorry, Honey Lager35WheatHoney
Cheydinhal Sherry40Surilie GrapesHoney
Colovian Amber Ales40WheatMetheglin
Sweet Scamp Mazte45RiceHoney
Sour Gin Fizz45YeastLemon
Whiskey Sour45RyeLemon
Comely Wench WhiskyVR01RyeGinger
Frothy SargassumVR01 YeastSeaweed
Rimmen Sour BockVR01WheatLemon
Arenthian BrandyVR05Surilie GrapesLemon
Argonian Mud-NectarVR05RiceSeaweed
Summer Sky Pale AleVR05WheatIsinglass
Alabaster Honey RumVR10YeastHoney
Crystal Tower WhiskeyVR10RyeIsinglass
Palace of Kings Ginger BeerVR10BarleyGinger
Kragenmoor Zinger MazteVR15RiceMetheglin
Colovian Ginger BeerVR15YeastGinger
Markarth MeadVR15BarleyMetheglin

Tea (Magicka)

Tea is a popular drink made from the brewing of certain cured leaves of certain plants in boiling water, these can have a number of effects from stimulating to relaxing. Certain teas are favored for being especially, fresh, cooling, sweet, robust or bitter.

Tea Drinks Recipes List
Jasmine Tea1Jasmine
Mint Chai1Mint
Rose Herbal Tea1Rose
Bitter Tea5Bittergreen
Comberry Chai5Comberry
Lotus Tea5Lotus
Honeyberry Tea10ComberryHoney
Morning Reveille Tea10MintGinger
Sweetsting Tea10LotusMetheglin
Gingerose Tea15RoseGinger
Green Scourgut Tea15BittergreenSeaweed
Sourflower Tea15LotusLemon
Bitterlemon Tea20BittergreenLemon
 Seaflower Tea 20 LotusSeaweed
Tracleberry Tea20ComberryMetheglin
Enlightenment Tea25LotusIsinglass
Mead de Menthe25MintMetheglin
Thrassian Chai25JasmineSeaweed
Maormer Tea30RoseSeaweed
Spiceberry Chai30ComberryGinger
Torval Mint Tea30MintHoney
Pink Profundity35JasmineIsinglass
Puckermint Tea35MintLemon
Winter Rose Tea35RoseIsinglass
Sweet Slaughterfish Tea40ComberrySeaweed
Two-Zephyr Tea40RoseLemon
Vivec’s Gingergreen Chai40BittergreenGinger
Camlorn Mint Tea45MintIsinglass
Jasminger Tea45JasmineGinger
Sweet Dreams Tea45LotusHoney
Aetherial TeaVR01JasmineMetheglin
Clan Mother’s CordialVR01ComberyIsinglass
Mournhold TwisterVR01BittergreenHoney
Bitter Ritual TeaVR05BittergreenIsinglass
Fire-Fireball InfusionVR05LotusGinger
Khenarthi’s Wings ChaiVR05JasmineHoney
Comberry Citrus QuencherVR10ComberryLemon
Falkreath Rosy MeadVR10RoseMetheglin
Pirate Queen Mint TeaVR10MintSeaweed
Heart’s Day Rose TeaVR15RoseHoney
Soothing Bard’s ThroatVR15JasmineLemon
Muthsera’s RemorseVR15BittergreenMetheglin

Tonics (Stamina)

A simple potion often prescribed to sore-footed adventurers tired from excessive hacking, slashing or other such exertion.

Tonics Drinks Recipes List
Acai Tonic Infusion1Acai Berry
 Ginkgo Tonic 1 Ginkgo
Guarana Tonic1Guarana
Black Coffee5Coffee
Ginseng Tonic5Ginseng
Mate Infusion5Yerba Mate
 Meady-Matey Infusion 10 Yerba MateMetheglin
Tonsil Tingle Tonic10GinkgoHoney
Yellow Goblin Tonic10GinsengLemon
Isinmate Infusion15Yerba MateIsinglass
Kelp Kaveh15CoffeeSeaweed
Sweetberry Tonic15Acai BerryHoney
Ginkgo Twist Tonic20GinkgoMetheglin
Taneth Coffee20CoffeeHoney
Yerba Zinger Tonic20Yerba MateGinger
Athlete’s Guzzle25Acai BerryLemon
Busy Bee Brew25CoffeeMetheglin
Ginseng Sling25GinsengHoney
Berrymead Tonic30Acai BerryMetheglin
Dancing Grandma30GinkgoIsinglass
Pirate’s Jig Tonic30GuaranaSeaweed
Crystal Clarity35GinsengIsinglass
Rihad Qishr35CoffeeGinger
Seaberry Tonic35Acai BerrySeaweed
Blue Road Marathon40GuaranaIsinglass
Infernal Infusion40GinsengGinger
Sweet Persistence40Yerba MateHoney
Shimmerene Tonic45Acai BerryIsinglass
Lemonic Invigoration45GuaranaLemon
Dreugh Spit45GinsengSeaweed
Grandpa’s Bedtime TonicVR01GuaranaGinger
Sload SlimeVR01GinkgoSeaweed
Soothing Sundas TonicVR01Yerba MateLemon
Sailor’s Second WindVR05Yerba MateSeaweed
Sipping Imga TonicVR05GinkgoLemon
Wamasu SpewVR05GinsengMetheglin
Hasphat’s Sticky Guar TonicVR10GuaranaHoney
Nocturnal’s Everblack CoffeeVR10CoffeeIsinglass
Fyr’s Hyperagonal PotationVR10Acai BerryGinger
Fredas Night InfusionVR15GuaranaMetheglin
Old Hegathe Lemon KavehVR15CoffeeLemon
Hagraven’s TonicVR15GinkgoGinger

Liqueurs (Magicka + Health)

In order to increase the potency of an alcoholic beverage, a master distiller will run the product of alcoholic fermentation through the distillation process to effectively remove water and other components from the spirit, this produces a superior product.

Liqueurs Drinks Recipes List
Cloudrest Godlen Ale10YeastLotus
Skingrad Muscat10Surlie GrapesComberry
Creme de Menthe15RyeMint
Jasmine Moonshine15BarleyJasmine
Rose Lager15WheatRose
 Clarified Rose Lager 20 WheatRoseIsinglass
Horker’s Breath20YeastMintGinger
Bitter Remorse25WheatBittergreenGinger
Spriggan Sap25RyeLotusLemon
 Double Clarified Mazte 30 RiceBittergreenIsinglass
Sanguine’s Temptation30BarleyLotusHoney
Sweet Lemonale30WheatComberryLemon
Riften Rye35RyeBittergreenMetheglin
Summer Mazte35RiceRoseLemon
Rosy Island Ale40YeastRoseSeaweed
Wizard’s Whiskey40WheatMintLemon
Sweet and Sour Port40Surile GrapesBittergreenMetheglin
Anequina Stout45BarleyBittergreenLemon
Black Night Cordial45RiceComberrySeaweed
Slyph Gin45YeastLotusHoney
Comberry BourbonVR01RyeComberryMetheglin
Honeyhips Brown AleVR01BarleyRoseHoney
Hunt-Wife’s GrogVR01YeastBittergreenIsinglass
Breton Pint of BittersVR05BarleyBittergreenIsinglass
Sold Sweetheart StoutVR05WheatMintHoney
Blue Banekin BeerVR05YeastJasmineGinger
Saint Pelin’s Tawny PortVR10YeastRoseLemon
Yokudan Sorrow BourbonVR10RyeLotusSeaweed
Clavicus Vines Chenin BlancVR10Surlie GrapesJasmineMetheglin
Port Hunding Pinot NoirVR15Surlie GrapesMintSeaweed
Dragontail Blended WhiskyVR15RyeLotusHoney
Bravil Bitter Barley BeerVR15BarleyBittergreenGinger
Port Hunding Pinot NoirVR15Surilie GrapesMintSeaweed
Dragontail Blended WhiskyVR15RyeLotusHoney
Bravil Bitter Barley BeerVR15BarleyBittergreenGinger

Tinctures (Health + Stamina)

These special potions are actually the alcoholic extracts taken from certain members of the local plant and animal life.

Tinctures Drinks Recipes List
Kaveh Stout10RyeCoffee
 Stand-Me-Up Lager10WheatGuarana
Timber Mammoth Ale10BarleyGinseng
Acai Dry Mazte15RiceAcai Berry
Ginkgo Lightning15YeastGinkgo
Yerba Syrah Wine15Surilie GrapesYerba Mate
Bravil Mead20RiceYerba MateHoney
 Elinhir Qishr20YeastCoffeeGinger
West Weald Wallop20Surilie GrapesAcai BerryIsinglass
Drowned Sailor Ale25YeastGinsengSeaweed
Ginger Port25Surilie GrapesYerba MateGinger
Ginkgo Double Brandy25RiceGinkgoHoney
Fulmination Ale30YeastGinkgoGinger
Sour Guar Shein30Surilie GrapesGuaranaLemon
Vvardenfell Flin30RyeGinsengSeaweed
Imperial Stout35BarleyGuaranaMetheglin
Pyandonea Merlot35Surilie GrapesGinsengSeaweed
Vigilance Gold Ale35WheatCoffeeLemon
Dark Seducer40RiceAcai BerryHoney
Stalwart Stout40BarleyYerba MateIsinglass
Boethiah’s Breath40RyeGuaranaGinger
Narsis Wickwheat Ale45WheatYerba MateIsinglass
Spicy Wyress Wine45Surilie GrapesGinkgoGinger
White-Eye Whiskey45RyeAcai BerryLemon
Blacklight Ginger MazteVR01RiceGuaranaGinger
Jephre’s Earthbone BeerVR01WheatAcai BerryLemon
Kvatch Watch GrenanceVR01Surilie GrapesCoffeeSeaweed
Crow’s Nest RyeVR05RyeCoffeeSeaweed
Surilie Bros. White MerlotVR05Surilie GrapesGinkgoLemon
Necrom Nights MazteVR05RiceGinsengMetheglin
Happy Ogrim Amber AleVR10WheatGinkgoHoney
Psijic Sage’s MazteVR10RiceYerba MateIsinglass
Stendarr’s Vigilance Ginger AleVR10BarleyCoffeeGinger
Wide-Eye Double RyeVR15RyeGinsengIsinglass
Camlorn Sweet Brown AleVR15BarleyAcai BerryMetheglin
Flowing Bowl Green PortVR15Surilie GrapesYerba MateSeaweed
Wide-Eye Double RyeVR15RyeGinsengIsinglass
Camlorn Sweet Brown AleVR15BarleyAcai BerryMetheglin
Flowing Bowl Green PortVR15Surilie GrapesYerba MateSeaweed

Cordial Teas (Stamina + Magicka)

Served hot or cold a cordial tea is a invigorating concoction of tea and medicinal alcohol.

Cordial Teas Recipes List
Blackwood Mint Chai10MintAcai Berry
Herbflower Tea10RoseYerba Mate
Lillandril Tonic Tea10JasminGinkgo
Bitter Kaveh15BittergreenCoffee
Comberry Tonic15ComberryGuarana
Tsaesci Tea15LotusGinseng
Dibella’s Kiss Tea20BittergreenGinkgoMethaglin
Jasrana Tea Tonic20JasmineGuaranaLemon
Pondwater Tea20LotusGinsengSeaweed
Azura’s Rose Tea25RoseGuaranaIsinglass
Celestial Tonic Tea25JasmineAcai BerryMetheglin
 Cornerclub Kaveh25ComberryCoffeeLemon
Mintmead Kaveh30MintCoffeeMethaglin
Pink Wisom Tea30RoseAcai BerryIsinglass
Sweet Scented Infusion30JasmineYerba MateHoney
Jasminkgo Tonic35JasmineGinkgoHoney
Silver Lotusberry Tea35LotusAcai BerryIsinglass
Tingle Tonic Tea35MintYerba MateGinger
Serene Awareness40LotusCoffeeLemon
Midnight Ritual Tea40ComberryGinkgoSeaweed
Chthonic Tonic40JasmineGinsengMetheglin
Centurion’s Friend Kaveh45JasmineCoffeeSeaweed
Elven Maiden Tea45MintGuaranaMetheglin
Strapping Lad Tonic45RoseGinsengSeaweed
Mage’s MeadVR01LotusGinkgoMetheglin
First Kiss TeaVR01MintGinsengHoney
Senchal Dancer TonicVR01JasmineYerba MateIsinglass
Telvanni TeaVR05LotusAcai BerryHoney
Ten Ogres TonicVR05RoseYerba MateMetheglin
Ginger Guar SmoothieVR05ComberryGuaranaGinger
Balfiera Herbal TonicVR10ComberryGinsengLemon
Mint Mudcrab MojitoVR10MintGuaranaSeaweed
Tonal Architect TonicVR10BittergreenAcai BerryMetheglin
Honey Lassie Honey TeaVR15ComberryGinsengHoney
Rosy Disposition TonicVR15RoseAcai BerryGinger
Cloudrest Clarified CoffeeVR15ComberryCoffeeIsinglass
Honest Lassie Honey TeaVR15ComberryGinsengHoney
Rosy Disposition TonicVR15RoseAcai BerryGinger
Cloudrest Clarified CoffeeVR15ComberryCoffeeIsinglass

Distillates (Health + Stamina + Magicka)

Much like liqueurs distillates are the product of a potency increasing process to create a more concentrated product. Intense experimentation and development of liqueurs has produced some extraordinary products, vastly superior to your everyday booze.

Distillates Drinks Recipes List
Greef20YeastMintGuaranaBervez Juice
Red Queen’s Eye-Opener25Surilie GrapesJasmineCoffeeBervez Juice
Aqua Vitae30RyeComberryYerba MateBervez Juice
Abecean Brandy35Surilie GrapesMintAcai BerryBervez Juice
Enemies Explode35YeastComberryGuaranaBervez Juice
Monkeypants Mazte35RiceJasmineYerba MateBervez Juice
Seven Year Beer35WheatBittergreenGinkgoBervez Juice
Hopscotch40RyeMintCoffeeBervez Juice
Ten-Foot Beer40YeastLotusGuaranaBervez Juice
Tranquility Pale Ale40BarleyLotusAcai BerryBervez Juice
Vaermina’s Nightmare40RyeJasmineYerba MateBervez Juice
Berveza Vitae45WheatComberryYerba MateBervez Juice
Fifth Legion Porter45WheatRoseGinsengBervez Juice
Orsinium Pink Zinfandel45Surilie GrapesRoseGuaranaBervez Juice
 Rude Awakening45RiceRoseCoffeeBervez Juice
Animate-the-DeadVR01YeastMintGinsengBervez Juice
Cardiac ArrestVR01RiceLotusCoffeeBervez Juice
Qhalua LiqueurVR01BarleyJasmineCoffeeBervez Juice
Xanmeer BrandyVR01Surilie GrapesBittergreenGinkgoBervez Juice
Hello Handsome PorterVR05BarleyJasmineGinkgoBervez Juice
High Rock Rose and RyeVR05RyeRoseGinsengBervez Juice
Kagouti Kick MazteVR05RiceJasmineGuaranaBervez Juice
Malacath’s HammerVR05WheatBittergreenAcai BerryBervez Juice
Numidium BrandyVR10RiceLotusGinkgoBervez Juice
Rislav’s Righteous Red KvassVR10RyeRoseAcai BerryBervez Juice
Tears of JoyVR10YeastBittergreenGinsengBervez Juice
Ysgramor’s Harbinger LagerVR10BarleyComberryGuaranaBervez Juice
Senche Tiger Single MaltVR15WheatBittergreenCoffeeBervez Juice
Velothi View Vintage MalbecVR15Surilie GrapesMintGinkgoBervez Juice
Orcrest Agony Pale AleVR15BarleyLotusYerba MateBervez Juice
Lusty Argonian Maid MazteVR15RiceJasmineGinkgoBervez Juice
Senche-Tiger Single MaltVR15WheatBittergreenCoffeeBervez Juice
Velothi View Vintage MalbecVR15Surilie GrapesMintGinkgoBervez Juice
Orcrest Agony Pale AleVR15BarleyLotusYerba MateBervez Juice
Lusty Argonian Maid MazteVR15RiceJasmineGinkgoBervez Juice

Delicacies (Experience)

In order to truly grasp the magnitude of your experience and unleash true potential it is necessary to feast on this legendary recipe. But first you must obtain the rarest ingredient in all of Tamriel, the Perfect Roe. Fish eggs of his caliber can be found while skinning fish caught in Tamriel’s many rivers, lakes and four water deposits.

Delicacies Drinks Recipes List
Psijic Ambrosia1Frost MirriamBervez JuicePerfect Roe
Tamriel’s Entrees and Main Dishes

Meat Dishes (Health)

The different cultures and population of Tamriel approach the custom of eating meat with a variety perspectives ranging from taboo to religious. The best thing though, is that it fills your belly and can boost your health.

Meat Dishes Recipes List
Chicken Breast1Poultry
Fishy Stick1Fish
Roast Pig1White Meat
Flank Steak5Red Meat
Grilled Hare5Small Game
Roast Venison5Game
Hunter’s Pie10GameSaltrice
Rabbit Pasty10Small GameFlour
Tarragon Chicken10PoultrySeasoning
Pan-Fried Trout15FishFlour
Rabbit Millet Pilaf15Small GameMillet
Stir-Fried Garlic Beef15Red MeatGarlic
Breton Pork Sausage20White MeatSeasoning
Venison Pasty20GameFlour
Whiterun Cheese-Baked Trout20FishCheese
Cheese Pork Schnitzel25White MeatCheese
Chicken and Biscuits25PoultryMillet
Salted Cod25FishSeasoning
Elinhir Roast Antelope30GameMillet
Hare in Garlic Sauce30Small GameGarlic
Senchal Curry Fish and Rice30FishSaltrice
Bruma Jugged Rabbit35Small GameSeasoning
Camlorn Pork Sausage35White MeatGarlic
Crispy Cheddar Chicken35PoultryCheese
Mammoth Snout Pie40Red MeatFlour
Rabbit Haunch with Cheese Grits40Small GameCheese
Stros M’Kai Grilled Seagull40PoultryGarlic
Solsteim Elk and Scuttle45GameCheese
Blacklight Oxen Meatballs45Red MeatSaltrice
Akaviri Pork Fried Rice45White MeatSaltrice
Millet-Stuffed Pork LoinVR01 White MeatMillet
Curried Kwama Scrib RisottoVR01PoultrySaltrice
Grilled Timber Mammoth KebabsVR01 Red MeatSeasoning
Argonian Saddle-Cured RabbitVR05Small GameSaltrice
 Kwama Egg QuicheVR05 PoultryFlour
Duneri Jerked Horse HaunchVR05GameSeasoning
 The Skald-King’s Patty MeltVR10 Red MeatCheese
Orcish Bratwurst on BunVR10White MeatFlour
Crawdad QuicheVR10FishMillet
Garlic-and-Pepper Venison SteakVR15GameGarlic
Millet and Beef Stuffed PeppersVR15Red MeatMillet
Lilmoth Garlic HagfishVR15FishGarlic
Garlic-and-Pepper Venison SteakVR15 Game Garlic
Millet and Beef Stuffed PeppersVR15Red MeatMillet
Lilmoth Garlic HagfishVR15FishGarlic

Fruit Dishes (Magicka)

Fruits are a whole meal in themselves and can also vastly improve your capacity for holding Magicka. This certainly be a choice for those wielding spells.

Fruit Dishes Recipes List
Baked Apples1Apples
Banana Surprise1Bananas
Grape Preserves1Jazbay Grapes
Melon Jelly5Melon
Pumpkin Puree5Pumpkin
Tomato Soup5Tomato
Banana Millet Muffin10BananasMillet
Bravil Melon Salad10MelonGarlic
Pumpkin Cheesecake10PumpkinCheese
Deshaan Honeydew Hors D’Ouevre15MelonSaltrice
Fried Green Tomatoes15TomatoSeasoning
Stuffed Grape Leavs15Jazbay GrapesMillet
Garlic Pumplin Seeds20PumpkinGarlic
Pellitine Tomato Rice20TomatoSaltrice
Redoran Peppered Melon20MelonSeasoning
Cantaloupe Bread25MelonFlour
Cinnamon Gorapples25ApplesSeasoning
Green Bananas with Garlic25BananasGarlic
Cinnamon Grape Jelly30Jazbay GrapesSeasoning
Cyrodilic Pumpkin Fritters30PumpkinMillet
Stormhold Baked Bananas30BananasCheese
Apple Cobble Supreme35ApplesFlour
Rimmen Raisin Cookies35Jazbay GarpesFlour
Clan Mother’s Banana Pilaf35BananasSaltrice
Skyrim Jazbay Crostata40Jazbay GarpesSaltrice
Kragenmoor Pickled Pumpkin40PumpkinSeasoning
Summer Sundas Soup40TomatoMillet
Melon-Chevre Salad45MelonCheese
Mage’s Gorapple Porridge45ApplesMillet
Mistral Banana Bread45BananasFlour
Orcrest Garlic Apple JellyVR01ApplesGarlic
Hag Fen Pumpkin PieVR01PumpkinFlour
Ordinator’s Beetle-Cheese SoupVR01TomatoCheese
Fresh Apples and Eidar CheeseVR05ApplesCheese
Combwort FlatbreadVR05TomatoFlour
Honey Nut TreatVR05MelonMillet
House Hlaalu Pumpkin RisottoVR10PumpkinSaltrice
Bananas in Moon-Sugar SyrupVR10BananasSeasoning
Garlic Guar Stuffed Grape LeavesVR10Jazbay GrapesGarlic
Firsthold Fruit and Cheese PlateVR15Jazbay GrapesCheese
Thrice-Baked Gorapple PIeVR15ApplesSaltrice
Tomato Garlic ChutneyVR15TomatoGarlic
Firsthold Fruit and Cheese PlateVR15Jazbay GrapesCheese
Thrice-Baked PotatoVR15ApplesSaltrice
Tomato Garlic ChutneyVR15TomatoGarlic

Vegetable Dishes (Stamina)

Veggie dishes will consist of a number of homegrown specialties to boost your stamina.

Vegetable Dishes Recipes List
Baked Potato1Potato
Carrot Soup1Carrots
Roast Corn1Corn
Green Salad5Greens
Steamed Radishes5Radish
Carrot Cheesecake10CarrotsCheese
Gilane Garlicky Greens10GreensGarlic
Radishes in Rice10RadishSaltrice
Balmora Cabbage Biscuits15GreensFlour
Port Hunding Cheese Fries15PotatoCheese
Spicy Beet Salad15BeetsSeasoning
Alik’r Beets with Goat Cheese20BeetsCheese
Battaglir Chowder20GreensMillet
Nibenese Garlic Carrots20CarrotsGarlic
Eidar Radish Salad25RadishCheese
Potato Rice Blintzes25PotatoSaltrice
Rihad Beet and Garlic Salad25BeetsGarlic
Chorrol Corn on the Cob30CornSeasoning
Garlic Mashed Potatoes30PotatoGarlic
Jerall View Inn Carrot Cake30CarrotsFlour
Indoril Radish Tartlets35RadishFlour
Roasted Beet and Millet Salad35BeetsMillet
Twice-Baked Potatoes35PotatoSeasoning
Cyrodiilic Cornbread40CornFlour
Cheesemonger’s Salad40GreensCheese
Toasted Millet Salad40RadishMillet
Vvardenfell Ash Yam Loaf45PotatoFlour
Savory Thorn Cornbread45CornSaltrice
Dragonstar Radish Kebabs45RadishSeasoning
West Weald Corn ChowderVR01CornMillet
Baby Carrots in Moon-Sugar GlazeVR01CarrotsSeasoning
Velothi Cabbage SoupVR01GreensSaltrice
Pickled Carrot SlurryVR05CarrotsSaltrice
Skingrad Cabbage SoupVR05GreensSeasoning
Garlic Radishes a la KvatchVR05RadishGarlic
Taneth Chili Cheese CornVR10CornCheese
The Secret Chef’s Beet CrostataVR10BeetsMillet
Nord Warrior Potato PorridgeVR10PotatoMillet
Hearty Garlic Corn ChowderVR15CornGarlic
Bravil’s Best Beet RisottoVR15BeetsSaltrice
Tenmar Millet-Carrot CouscousVR15BeetsSaltrice
Hearty Garlic Corn ChowderVR15CornGarlic
Barvil’s Best Beet RisottoVR15BeetsSaltrice
Tenmar Millet-Carrot CouscousVR15CarrotsMillet

Savouries (Health + Magicka)

A savory is special dish sometimes eaten before the meal to open the appetite or after the meal to complete the overall effect. In Tamriel its food for the health and the Magicka pool.

Savouries Dishes Recipes List
Melon Carpaccio10Red MeatMelon
Punkin Bunny10Small GamePumpkin
Red Deer Stew10GameTomato
Apple Baked Fish15FishApples
Grape-Glazed Bantam Guar15PoultryGrapes
Monkeypig Cutlets15White MeatBananas
Argonian Pumpkin Stew20FishPumpkinSaltrice
Peacock Pie20PoultryJazbay GrapesFlour
Yellow Oxen Loaf20Red MeatBananasMillet
Baked Sole with Bananas25FishBananasFlour
Colovian Roast Turkey25PoultryTomatoMillet
Pork and Bitter Melon25White MeatMelonSaltrice
Parmesan Eels in Watermelon30FishMelonCheese
Pumpkin-Stuffed Fellrunner30PoultryPumpkinSaltrice
Redguard Venison Pie30GameTomatoFlour
Aunt Alessia’s Pork Chops35White MeatTomatoGarlic
Minotaur Slumgullion35Red MeatPumpkinMillet
Venison Stuffed Grape Leaves35GameJazbay GrapesSaltrice
Black Marsh Wamasu Loin40Red MeatJazbay GrapesSeasoning
Chicken-and-Banana Fried Rice40PoultryBananasSaltrice
Mother Mara’s Savory Rabbit Stew40Small GameTomatoGarlic
Oyster Tomato Orzo45FishTomatoSaltrice
Gazelle Cutlet with Minced Pumpkin45 GamePumpkinSeasoning
Elsweyr Fondue45Red MeatMelonCheese
Ashlander Nix-Hound ChiliVR01 White MeatPumpkinGarlic
Seared Slaughterfish with Mammoth CheeseVR01FishJazbay GrapesCheese
Colovian Beef Noodle SoupVR01Red MeatTomatoFlour
Khajiiti Sweet-Stuffed DuckVR05PoultryBananasCheese
Cloudy Dregs Inn BouillabaisseVR05 FishTomatoFlour
Corinthean Roast KagoutiVR05Red MeatApplesMillet
Sweet Horker StewVR10Red MeatJazbay GrapesSaltrice
Lillandril Summer SausageVR10White MeatMelonSeasoning
Coldharbour Daedrat SnacksVR10Small GameApplesGarlic
Mistral Banana-Bunny HashVR15Small GameBananasSeasoning
Melon-Baked Parmesan PorkVR15White MeatMelonCheese
Solitude Salmon-Millet SoupVR15FishTomatoMillet
Mistral Banana-Bunny HashVR15Small GameBananasSeasoning
Melon-Baked Parmesan PorkVR15White MeatMelonCheese
Solitude Salmon-Millet SoupVR15FishTomatoMillet

Ragout (Health + Stamina)

Tamriel’s version of stew, a thick saucy and well seasoned dish featuring a variety of tasty treats.

Ragout Dishes Recipes List
Beet-Glazed Pork10White MeatBeets
Salmon with Radish Slaw10FishRadish
Stuffed Capon10PoultryCorn
Beef Stew15Red MeatCarrots
Rabbit Loin with Bitter Greens15Small GameGreens
Shepherd’s Pie15GamePotato
Beef and Beets Pasty20Red MeatBeetsMillet
Rabbit Gnocchi Ragu20Small GamePotatoFlour
Stuffed Venison Haunch20GameGreensCheese
Falkreath Meat Loaf25GameCarrotsCheese
Highland Rabbit Stew25Small GameGreensMillet
Hunt-Wife’s Beef Radish Stew25Red MeatRadishSeasoning
Frostfall Pork Roast30White MeatRadishSeasoning
Rabbit Corn Chowder30Small GameCornSaltrice
Shornhelm Ox-Tail Soup30Red MeatCarrotsMillet
Fricasseed Rabbit with Radishes35Small GameRadishSeasoning
Narsis Bantam Guar Hash35PoultryBeetsSaltrice
Mudcrab Corn Fritters35FishCornGarlic
Necrom Beetle-Cheese Poutine40GamePotatoCheese
Rumare Slaughterfish Pie40FishGreensFlour
Psijic Order Pigs-in-a-blanket40White MeatCornMillet
Ash-Hopper Dumplings on Scathecraw45PoultryGreensFlour
Craglorn Skavenger Stew45Small GameCarrotsMillet
Raven Rock Baked Ash Yams45White MeatPotatoSaltrice
Grilled Camel on CornbreadVR01GameCornMillet
Potato-Stuffed Roast PheasantVR01PoultryPotatoSaltrice
Goblin-Style Grilled RatVR01Small GameBeetsSeasoning
Grandmam’s Roast RabbitVR05Small GameCarrotsSaltrice
Wild-Boar-and-BeetsVR05White MeatBeetsSeasoning
Hammerfell Antelope StewVR05GameRadishGarlic
Kwama Egg OmeletVR10PoultryCarrotsCheese
Breton Bubble-and-SqueakVR10GameGreensFlour
Silverside Perch PuddingVR10FishBeetsMillet
Sticky Pork and Radish NoodlesVR15White MeatRadishFlour
Garlic Cod with PotatoVR15FishPotatoGarlic
Braised Rabbit with Spring VegetablesVR15Small GameGreensSeasoning
Sticky Pork and Radish NoodlesVR15White MeatRadishFlour
Garlic Cod with Potato CrustVR15FishPotatoGarlic
Braised Rabbit with Spring VegetablesVR15Small GameGreensSeasoning

Entremet (Magicka + Stamina)

Nothing says lavish decadence like watermelons in the form of swans and pies filled with pure white doves. These dishes are very popular among the nobility who discovered that eating expensive food was just not enough, it needed more cowbell.

Entremet Dishes Recipes List
Last Seed Salad10ApplesCarrots
Mid Year Green Salad10Jazbay GrapesGreens
Sweet Potatoes10BananasPotato
Melon-Radish Salad15MelonRadish
Pumpkin Corn Fritters15PumpkinCorn
Tomato Borscht15TomatoBeets
Falinesti Forbidden Fruit20MelonRadishSeasoning
Hearthfire Harvest Pilaf20ApplesCornSaltrice
Hearty Sun’s Dusk Soup20TomatoCarrotsGarlic
Apple Mashed Potatoes25ApplesPotatoGarlic
Elsweyr Corn Fritters25Jazbay GrapesCornFlour
Hearthfire Vegetable Salad25PumpkinBeetsSaltrice
Apple-Eidar Cheese Salad30ApplesGreensCheese
Sun’s Height Pudding30BananasBeetsGarlic
Sweet Dune Gnocchi30Jazbay GrapesPotatoFlour
Blackwood Stuffed Banana Leaves35BananasGreensMillet
Creamcheese Frosted Gorapple Cake35ApplesCarrotsCheese
Forge-Wife’s Spudmelon Pie35MelonPotatoFlour
Spinner’s Taboo Salad40MelonBeetsSaltrice
Ashlander Ochre Mash40PumpkinCarrotsSeasoning
Orcish No-Rhubarb Salad40ApplesRadishGarlic
Sun-Dried Caravan Provisions45ApplesBeetsSeasoning
Savory Banana Cornbread45BananasCornGarlic
Drunken Goat Cheese with Radishes45Jazbay GrapesRadishCheese
Savory Mid year PreservesVR01MelonCarrotsGarlic
Eidar Banana-Radish VichyssoiseVR01BananasRadishCheese
Khajiit Apple SpanakopitaVR01ApplesGreensFlour
Every-Morndas CasseroleVR05MelonPotatoCheese
Savory-Sweet Fried KaleVR05Jazbay GrapesGreensGarlic
Late-Summer Corn SlawVR05PumpkinCornMillet
Boiled Creme TreatVR10PumpkinRadishSaltrice
Arenthia’s Empty Tankard FrittataVR10TomatoPotatoGarlic
Chevre-Radish Salad with Pumpkin SeedsVR15PumpkinRadishCheese
Grapes and Ash Yam FalafelVR15Jazbay GrapesPotatoMillet
Late Hearthfire Vegetable TartVR15PumpkinBeetsFlour
Chevre-Radish Salad with Pumpkin SeedsVR15PumpkinRadishCheese
Grapes and Ash Yam FalafelVR15Jazbay GrapesPotatoMillet
Late Hearthfire Vegetable TartVR15BeetsFlour

Gourmet (Health +Stamina +Magicka)

“Gourmet” is the word for food with refinement. Consisting only of the highest quality ingredients and the exact measurements. It is the time and attention to detail that make the gourmet dish such a fine dining experience.

Gourment Dishes Recipes List
Corinthe Corn Beef20Red MeatBananasCornFrost Mirriam
Sweet Skeever Gumbo25Small GameApplesBeetsFrost Mirriam
Riekling Suckling Bristleback30White MeatPumpkinGreemsFrost Mirriam
Summerset Rainbow Pie35Small GameBananasBeetsFrost Mirriam
Dawnstar Sun’s Dusk Chowder35Red MeatPumpkinCornFrost Mirriam
Nibenese Fricasseed Fawn35GameApplesGreensFrost Mirriam
Vvardenfell Cliff Racer Ragout35PoultryTomatoCarrotsFrost Mirriam
Gold Coast Mudcrab Fries40FishMelonPotatoFrost Mirriam
Horker Loaf40Red MeatMelonCornFrost Mirriam
Stirk Pork-and-Beets40White MeatBananasBeetsFrost Mirriam
Twenty-Four-Raven Pie40PoultryJazbay GrapesGreensFrost Mirriam
Carmelized Goat Nibbles45GameJazbay GrapesRadishFrost Mirriam
Direnni Hundred-Year Rabbit Bisque45Small GameJazbay GrapesCornFrost Mirriam
Parrot-and-Pumpkin Salad45PoultryPumpkinGreensFrost Mirriam
Markarth Short Pig45White MeatApplesPotatoFrost Mirriam
Braised SweetmeatsVR01Red MeatBananasRadishFrost Mirriam
Goatherd’s PieVR01GameMelonBeetsFrost Mirriam
Plaked Abecean LongfinVR01FishApplesBeetsFrost Mirriam
Slow-Simmered Rabbit GoulashVR01Small GameTomatoCarrotsFrost Mirriam
Duck SoupVR05PoultryTomatoPotatoFrost Mirriam
Hircine’s Meat LoafVR05GameApplesCornFrost Mirriam
Imperial Stuffed PigletVR05White MeatJazbay GrapesRadishFrost Mirriam
Salmon Steak SupremeVR05FishApplesCarrotsFrost Mirriam
Potentate’s Supreme CioppinoVR10FishPumpkinCornFrost Mirriam
The Emperor’s Venison FricasseeVR10GameMelonCarrotsFrost Mirriam
Ultiate Riverhold Beef PastyVR10Red MeatTomatoRadishFrost Mirriam
The Secret Chef’s Pork RoastVR10White MeatJazbay GrapesPotatoFrost Mirriam
Capon Tomato-Beet CasseroleVR15PoultryTomatoBeetsFrost Mirriam
Jagged Rabbit in PreservesVR15Small GameBananasCarrotsFrost Mirriam
Withered Tree Inn Venison Pot RoastVR15GameApplesCarrotsFrost Mirriam
Capon Tomato-Beet CasseroleVR15PoultryTomatoBeetsFrost Mirriam
Jugged Rabbit in PreservesVR15Small GameBananasCarrotsFrost Mirriam
Longfin Pasty with Melon SauceVR15FishMelonGreensFrost Mirriam
Withered Tree Inn Venison Pot RoastVR15GameApplesCarrotsFrost Mirriam