So I joined the guild and what do I do next?

Most people just want to play the game and not get stuck reading a whole lot of stuff that doesn’t relate to them. So I’m not going to waste time telling you how good this guild is. You will discover that soon enough and I’ll save the boasting and the sincere welcome till later.

First things first.

Go to our web site blog. Here you can find all the information about, trading and becoming rich, character builds and becoming strong, and communicating and making new friends.

If you look at the welcome page you will see that in the bottom right hand corner is a support box. Here you can ask your emergency questions.

Our home page welcomes you and if you have not joined yet there is a link to apply for membership.

Up the top near the red link for our home page is a link that will tell you all about us. It explains, our philosophy and shows some cool pictures of what we have been doing.

At the bottom of every page is a  black section that provides information by Category. It also has  a section on Recent Posts. These are articles that members have posted and include helpful hints on gaming and their experiences.

Being old does not mean rotten!

Yes it is true that we are one of the oldest guilds but that does not mean we are stale and stodgy. We have a vital and alive team of veterans, new members and elite players. They contribute their experience to making our guild what it is today. Thanks to the more mature in our group our events are well organised, well attended and successful. The younger majority get the benefit of the oldies experience, it’s a perfect mix!

Join the fun!

This game has something for everyone. You can play for hours by yourself, gaining skills, building wealth and generally having a good time. When the main story line comes to its conclusion, it is not all over. In fact a whole new world is just beginning for you. You will see a link called Our Events and this outlines the different challenges before you and importantly the times our guild hold them.

Our Events

Being and international guild we have players in many different time zones. This presents a challenge getting coordinated. Here is the magic clue on how to read the Events calendar. Each month a new calendar is published with all the times shown. These are expressed in MST. Mountain Standard Time. Now if you want to know what time that is in your part of the world this is what you do. You go to Google and type in the Event time exactly like this format example, “6.00 pm MST to Hong Kong”. So if you lived in Hong Kong and the event was a 6.00 pm Saturday MST the time would show you as 8.00 am Sunday in your part of the world. So if you lived in Australia, as I do, or New Zealand you would have to get out of bed Sunday morning to join in the fun.

Cyrodiil Adventures

The different time zones can work to our advantage. You see when people are collapsing in bed after conquering Castles and Keeps all night in Cyrodiil the next shift is awakening and ready to battle. We have two events in Cyrodiil, the first is boot camp. Here new players can discuss with veterans tactics and strategies, they can improve their character builds and join in training raids. Then the main event on the weekend when an all-out army of players takes to the field. It is fun to play and we never loose, well almost never lose. Come join us, it doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or an elite we have a place in our army for you.

Talk to your Guildies.

Now not all of us feel comfortable talking live to fellow players. That is why the chat box works so well for many players. It does however tend  to be slow and sometimes your comments can get lost among all the other chatter that is going on. This is where Gamevox is so handy. You can just listen to your team mates or you can participate in the full blown conversation. Gamevox can be your first point of contact with other guild members.  You can just show up, listen for a while to see how things run or introduce your-self straight away as a new member. I know in our guild you will be made welcome immediately and new friendships will start to bloom. Here is the link to download and install the software:

Gamevox is free and we have a twelve step instruction page on our web site. There is also plenty of videos on You Tube that show you how to install this handy little software program.

Much, much more.

Under the Resources link on our webpage you will find a whole host of other handy and fun things to make your gaming experience great and to give you a winning advantage. If you are a reader then the Tips and Articles link is a must. You can also learn how to take screen shots and videos and share them with other players. We have lotteries, scratch cards, treasure hunts, trivia nights and the fight club. The main thing is that you have fun, meet others as you become a true Savage Hearts Guild member.

Phone a friend.

Players come and players go, and that is a fact of our busy life style.  We have seen players join our guild and not participate in anything other than trading. We sincerely welcome them but we would really love it if more and more of our nearly five hundred players took advantage of what we offer. We really do have a lot of fun in this guild and encourage you to get on Gamevox and join in.

We know that once you participate, you will be hooked and want your friends to be part of it too. So if you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so here and you can send the link to a friend to join as well.

The More the Merrier.

If you have enough friends available you can even get together on one of our separate channels on Gamevox and have your own little party. Oh and if you are farming a resource and want a change of music, our “It’s five o’clock somewhere Channel” provides an alternative to the ESO music.

So much, not enough time.

There is much more to the guild than I have written here and you will just have to discover it as you go. In conclusion I would like to add that we have nothing against you being a member of other guilds, especially for trading purposes. We have seen massive guilds dwindle down, we have seen them rise again and fall. Savage Hearts continues to grow because we try to stay relevant and offer our members what they want and need including respectfulness, teamwork and reliability.  We are enthusiastic about your interest in our guild and hope to meet you soon somewhere in the game.

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