What in the Eight Divines Are People Talking About?

This article chronicles the guild-specific terms and stories that have become lore and contribute to the general fun of its members.  When you find us talking about certain things on Gamevox for a laugh, there’s a good chance it’ll end up on this list.

Forest’s Angels

Forest’s Angels are twelve in number – all the creations of Forest, The One That Guides.  The first and eldest among them is Penny Wyse and the newest youth to join is Boots Dragonbard.  In the Sisterhood, they provide for the needs of each other: champion points, gold, materials, armor, weapons, and any other (“material”) need that arises.

Forest’s reasoning for having all female characters is simple: “If I’m going to spend all this time looking at my character’s butt, I’m going to make them female so I enjoy looking.”

Chucky’s Shackles
Daedric Shackles

Chucky loves his shackles, within the game and without – as he so eloquently informed a guild group during ICP farming.  After what must have seemed like hundreds of runs accruing shackles, he figured out he didn’t want the armor set in the ICP trophy vault after all. For a while, this made the whole effort seem like a complete waste of time which continues to make many laugh as they look back on this.

However, with One Tamriel, the shackles, along with the Daedric Embers and all the Key Fragments are able to contribute toward the necessary entry fee for any Imperial trophy vault which makes the effort mildly redeemable.  Since then, Chucky’s shackles have all been turned in for vault keys and the desired armor set pieces have been acquired.  Long live the shackles!

Ken’s Bread

Oh, where would Ken be without his bread?!  Dead, most likely.  I suppose eating hardy is no joke when you need the health.

However, what started off as humor developed into a serious clinical issue.  No piece of bread is safe when the Elf (Elf Dna) rolls out into Tamriel.  Ken would loot a blade of grass if there were a 1% chance of getting a piece of bread.  You can sometimes hear the (amusing) scorn of group members waiting for him to finish combing through baskets and barrels for that last piece.

TwoX’s Columbine

It’s a very rare thing to find a Columbine plant without Two X crouched beside it, plucking it into her crafting bag. Some may dare to only go farm it when she’s offline. Others, on the other hand are gracious enough to help her by being spotters while grouped up and roaming the country side. The plant’s usefulness is clear to alchemists but the obsession to get them is in her blood.

Rearden’s Intolerance

Rearden7 is a masterful tank, who doubles as a dungeon wall-fly. He has a career path in the Elder Scrolls as being leader of the Undaunted. However, being good at something can often cause one to grow impatient with noobs, or anyone else performing subpar… You can enjoy his rants and sighs via GameVox while he performs random Cradle of Shadows runs or the pledges of the day.

Among other duties, Rearden also has taken up the prestigious work of performing ritualistic Tamrielic cleansing of the Argonian populous. Check our Guild Trader for the latest in Rubedo stacks, luggage, bone weaponry and new for this year – severed-tail Wamasu disciplinary whips.

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